Saturday, April 13, 2013

Let's Catch Up, Shall We?

Hi there!
Fancy meeting you here.

After nearly a year-long hiatus, I thought it might be fun to post an update of our more recent and very exciting events. no particular order...

Both Breck and Rowan are riding their bikes without training wheels!
Whoop, whoop!

Breck is playing the piano and doing exceptionally well at it.
He's a natural.
And that comes straight from the grammy-nominated owner of the music school.

This is an old video from his first recital last Fall. He is playing amazingly better than this now.

He'll have a Spring recital next month.
You may or may not see it here.

Rowan has started reading, which I think is pretty major considering she's just 4 years old.

She also got a pretty major haircut a few months ago, which was desperately needed.


...and Breck always seems to need a haircut. But I daresay, he can pull off that shaggy look pretty well.

 And here's Seth and I, ready to go out for a date!

We also had a mini-vaca to Pennsylvania for a friend's wedding. I took a grand total of zero photos. 
It was in Amish country at a rustic-meets-elegance kind of inn.
Very neat, very fun, very kid-free.

Seth has been busy with work.
Bees have nothin' on him.

I've also been busy thanks in large part to my Etsy shop, AnthologyOnMain.
It's become more successful than I ever imagined it would.
Here are some things I make:
Kissing Ball Book Page Rosette 6-Inch Pomander - CHOICE OF COLOR - Custom Wedding Flower Girl or Bridesmaid Bouquets Jane Austen Bridal Bouquet with Roses, Poppies, Sweetgum - IN YOUR COLORS - Eco Friendly Recycled Book Page Wedding Flowers Christmas Tree Book Page Decorations - Set of Three Holiday Trees with Star Toppers - Paper Holiday and Winter Decor

Recently I've been reading a LOT about real food and sustainable lifestyles, so you may...or may not...see some posts about that kind of thing. 

I make no promises.


  1. Great to hear from you Katie! I miss your photography work so much.

    Your children are growing and doing so well!

  2. Hi Katie! So glad to see you check in, looks like you and the family are all doing well!! Appears hubs is taking up jogging? LOL...

    Hope to hear from you again soon! Lovely projects you are now making ♥

  3. Well hello!!!!!! I am so happy to see a post :) The kiddos look so fine on their bikes. They have grown way too fast! Breck is doing fantastic on the piano. You should definitely be a proud momma. And as for Rowan reading.....yippee!!! That is major for her age. Good job!


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