Saturday, April 20, 2013

Too Much Pinterest Can Be A Good Thing, Right?

I'm a Pinterest junkie.
...not like it was a really big secret or anything...

This week was one of those 'actually-make-what-you've-pinned' weeks.

And everything was super successful.
...well, almost everything...

Monday, however, was a work day...not a pinterest day. 
I got a lot done.

Like this...
Photo: Like and Share if you LOVE yellow, gray and white together!

And this...
Photo: Another custom 
Order going out today...
A burnt orange bouquet.

And these...


Tuesday I mostly drooled over things I want to do, like make my own yogurt. 

And kefir soda

I finally got the guts to order both yogurt and kefir cultures.
They should be here next week.


Wednesday I cleaned our washing machine.
The inside.
The outside too, but the inside is what really needed it.

I followed this step-by-step guide and it worked like a charm:

Then I re-organized our coat closet.
Ok, this one was kind of a fail.

 Here is my inspiration closet:

But I decided that since we'll likely not be here for another year, I'm not going to put a lot into this house.
So, I assembled a metal shelf inside the closet and in the process pinched the crap out of my leg while assembling said shelf. 
But I did not cuss! I guess it kind of was a success...

After lunch I was the parent reader for Rowan's preschool class.
We read a Diego and Dora book and Polar Bear, Polar Bear What Do You Hear?

When we got home Rowan and I made some yummy looking granola bars.

I used this recipe:
granola bar recipe

They were waaaaay too sweet...which, coming from a woman with a mouthful of sweet teeth, is saying something. Next time I make this I'm gonna swap out the brown sugar for about half the amount in maple syrup.
And maybe add some coconut.
And chocolate.


Thursday was another work day.
I did a fair amount of prep work to finish some orders. these corsages...
Jane Austen Corsage - Eco Friendly Book Page Flower Corsage for Wedding Party, Guests, Prom - Customized to Your Colors

It was also really cold.
Which made for a perfect day to cuddle up on the couch with some coffee and surf Pinterest.

But it was not a good day for cleaning.
So I didn't.

Cold days are also good for mixing plaids, florals, and stripes.


Friday I realized that not cleaning on Thursday was a bad idea.
So I cleaned.

My yogurt and kefir cultures came early!!!

Rowan was eager to help me make yogurt, which she probably won't eat.
I bought the kind of cultures that are mild, are so easy to make a caveman could do it, and are heirloom {meaning you can forever make yogurt from the previous batch}.

We have another 24 hours for it to do it's thing.
I'll let you know if I'm as smart as a caveman next week.


Saturday (today) has been a lazy day.
Sort of.

I've been working REALLY hard on making a photo book.
See, I have this grand plan to make one photo book for each year of our kids life...for each of them.'s sparked from the guilt of being a horrible scrapbooker/baby book keeper when they were babies.

Here's a page I have done:

Oh, and I found this super cool way to repurpose a crib when your babies are grown...
{it's a chicken coop}


  1. Looks like a fun week. I've been trying to make Pinterest things instead of just pinning, but they are usually just recipes.

    You are going to move again?

  2. I love the chicken coop idea. Very creative! You are doing amazing with all of your stuff. You never surprise me. I was going to ask the same thing as Kristal about moving. We need to meet up before you do!!!


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