Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Just Today

Today was a busy day.
Rowan woke me up at 6am for a glass of milk...she's definitely not on summer hours yet, but I much prefer the 6am milk-request as opposed to her customary 3am milk-request.

Then at 10am both kids had their first swimming lesson. 
(sorry, no photos)
It went well...I'm looking forward to what they'll be able to do at the end of their classes!

We came home ate lunch, played games, 

built angry bird fortresses,

watched cartoons, played the Wii, then late afternoon Breck had two piano lessons...one was a make-up for one he'll miss later. Today he learned how to play a C chord and got a fun new song to learn! 

Right before dinner we went outside to play with the neighbor. 

And now I'm ready for bed!


  1. Sounds like a great {and long} day. Love the shot of Rowan on the computer... looks so grown up!

  2. The angry birds game looks so fun. :) My kiddos would love that. :)

  3. Aren't you supposed to ReLAX during the summer :-) You sure do keep busy...

  4. Yikes!!! 6am?!?!?! Wow! Definitely better than 3 but that is still early. Whew! How exciting they are getting swim lessons. I know we'll see some pictures before it's over. Right?! :)

    And little miss Rowan does look way to grown in that picture of her on the computer. Getting big so fast!


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