Saturday, March 10, 2012

Our Pet Tin Tin

We recently adopted a pet or rather it adopted us.
It was technically a stray I suppose.

It (she?) kept coming to our backdoor and made herself at home.

Rowan was all too eager to name her Tin Tin.
I can only assume she got the name from the movie, which we've not seen.

Here she is!
Tin Tin is, as far as I can tell, a green anole lizard.
...aka: Texas Chameleon...

She can be green...

...or brown!
{how cool is that?!}
And although this image is terribly blurry, you can see how she 'drinks' water...
isn't her little tongue so cute?!

She is super small...maybe 5 inches in total length...and has lived on our grill for a while.
The past two days have been super cold, so we haven't seen her around.
I'm assuming she went somewhere to get warm.
And I'm hoping when the warm weather returns, so will she.

Oh....and we also have a squatter...


  1. You are so funny! Love the "squatter" Tracy has a family of them under her deck.

  2. Great start to your own personal zoo! HA!!

  3. Cute! I hope she returns too. That would be sad if she doesn't. As for that "squatter"....they're cute but I get tired of them eating my bird food. :(

  4. Love those kinds of pets! We have a few around here (well, blue tailed skinks, and one that does change colors, but doesn't quite look like this one) but Storm works hard at keeping them in their place! hehe! :)

    And haha!!! Your "squatter" -- Storm would be taking care of *them* too!! ha!



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