Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Presidents' Day Fun

Breck was off school yesterday and Seth's parents were still here visiting, so we went to a nature trail, out to eat and then to Town Center in The Woodlands to walk around.
...none of which had anything to do with Presidents.

Nature Trails
Kids-on-trail---Rowan-with- KLP_2397_0493
Kids-on-trail-2 kids-on-trail---brecks-boot
Kids-on-trail---sitting-on- Rowan-with-flowers

Town Center

 B-by-water kids-in-water-3
R-in-water kids-by-water-3
kids-in-water-1 Kids-on-waterway---B-on-boa
Kids-on-waterway---R-on-boa kids-on-waterway---tile-mur

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