Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Adventure Awaits Outside Our Back Door

A couple days ago I was in our backyard and noticed the biggest bug I'd ever seen lying upsidedown on our patio.
...naturally, I ran inside to get the kids...

2-19-12-beetle-2 2-19-12-beetle-1

Seth's parents were here, too and his mom found this next guy clinging to the side of our house...

2-19-12-lizard-2 2-19-12-lizard-1


  1. It must be the week of large creepy things. Tonight while digging up my azalea bush I found the largest earthworm I have ever seen! I've seen alot of worms in my years, too. I had to take it and show the boys and hubby, too, but I resisted getting the camera (but I should have gotten it). :)

  2. Wow - that is a huge beetle! Is the other one a... oh man can figure out how to spell it... sinus brain.


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