Thursday, January 19, 2012

It's a Beautiful Winter

It is absolutely nuts how many differences there are climate wise between Kansas and Texas. 
A normal January for us is single digit temps and shoveling snow.
Our new norm is swatting mosquitoes and raking leaves that have dead snakes in them.
{ok, it was only one dead, non-poisonous grass snake and it was the size of a pencil. but that's one too many and way too big for this girl. thankfully I married a knight in shining armor who disposes of gross dead things for me without complaint.} 


Rowan-in-Leaves-2---Autumn- Breck-in-Leaves-2---Autumn-
Breck-in-Leaves---Autumn-Vi Rowan-in-Leaves---Autumn-Vi


...and if you were wondering...yes.
The kids are playing in the leaves after I found the you-know-what.
But they never listen to me have no fear and disregarded my pleas to not jump in the leaves, to not touch the leaves, and to not even look at the least they didn't jump in the pile that had the you-know-what in it.


  1. Great shots... would have freaked had I found the snake!

  2. oh goodness I hate snakes so gross!! cute photos though :)

  3. LOLOLOL!!! So i totally cracked up at your post title. Welcome to my world. :) Great looking pictures you got. I can't believe they are actually playing in those leaves even after a snake. Aagh!!

  4. There is just something about apile of leaves and children, they are naturally drawn to them! Cute shots, they are having a blast :-)


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