Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Monday was a pretty full day. 

I finally got around to taking my car in for a "state inspection" which led to them fixing the red brake light on the dash and a recommendation for me to get new brakes...which I unofficially knew about since they keep squeaking. And as awful as people drive around here I want to be sure my brakes are in tip-top shape. 
...I'm also blaming everyone else's bad driving as the reason my insurance rate is so much more here than it was in Kansas...seriously.
There's even a billboard on the interstate that reads:
"The way people drive should drive you to pray!" 

I also got Breck enrolled in public school.  
He's been going to a private one, which we had hoped would be comparable to Small Beginnings, but turned out to be more comparable to Malcom in the Middle. When I drop him off the kids go straight to recess...and when I pick him up they are having snack time which consists of glazed donuts, microwave popcorn, etc. 
Once Breck came home and exclaimed that for lunch that day they had "cheese balls just like on Alvin and the Chipmunks!" which means cheese puffs. 
Zero. Nutritional. Value.
So to celebrate the structure and healthy foods he will receive at public school, we bought Breck a lunchbox!
01-23-12_Breck-lunchbox 01-23-12_Breck-lunchbox-fun
Clearanced Scooby Doo.
I add the extra "Win", not because of that one The Office episode (Season 2, #21), but because Rowan had been throwing a gianormous make-people-stare-at-us fit in Target and when she saw the lunchbox, her fit stopped as if I had flipped a switch. 
Nice to know she can embarrass me at will.

In the evening the kids and I had a game night!
We played Hungry Hungry Hippos
01-23-12_HHH-game 01-23-12_HH-kids

Somehow Rowan is a master of Hungry Hungry Hippos.
She wins every. single. time.
...I wonder if there are college scholarships for that...

Next up we played Elefun!

Breck always catches the most butterflies and Rowan is always the most accessorized.



  1. You poor thing! You are just not doing so well coping with the south. At least you like the weather. :) As for little miss Rowan...hopefully she grows out of it soon. HA! She is causing you some gray hairs, yes?! I'm hoping the public school is better for Breck. At least you know he'll eat healthy.

  2. With a lll the shows out there on school lunches, I'm not surprised by the food. Who is that guy that is trying to help... Jamie something.

    Hope that the change is improved.


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