Thursday, January 19, 2012

Project Pinterest - Yarn Alliums

I love alliums...those big puffy floral balls that sit atop rather skinny stems.

Allium Garden - 8x10 Fine Art Flower Photography Print - purple and green vintage inspired flowering onion plant home decor photo

I'd love to have them line our mantle, but I have no interest in shelling out a small fortune to keep fresh ones in the house.

Enter: Alliums made from yarn!
They are so simple to make and I already had everything I needed on hand: yarn, glue, sticks.


The pom-pom tutorial calls for wool, but I didn't have any pretty wool that I was willing to waste on pom-poms, so I used regular acrylic yarn with sparkles...and I think it turned out just fine.

{Pom-Pom Flower Tutorial from | Pinned here}

Project Pinterest
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2. Create it!
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  1. These are so cool Katie! Wonder how I missed this pin of yours? LOVE these and will have to try them. MY PP will be up later today. Had a slight glitch in my project and will finish it up today.

  2. Oh my gosh, Katie - I was already HERE to get the new button code.... I SAW your flowers, but didn't even realize that they weren't REAL until I just came back to read your post. They are so cute!!! I've gotta try this! Also, the photo in front of the glass-block window is beautiful! ~Sal

  3. Ditto to Sally above!!!

    They looked so real and then I read your post. Incredible! You did an outstanding job! Well done!!!

  4. GORGEOUS!!!! These look just fabulous in that window. I think I like the yarn you used better than the wool. Adds a bit of sparkle and shine. Very pretty indeed!


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