Wednesday, August 31, 2011

To Vegas & Back

Last week Seth and I, along with another couple, headed out to Vegas for a short vaca. 


We saw several thunderstorms on the way.
We never went through a storm cloud, but it was really cool to see the rain and even lightening in the distant clouds.


This is the strip as we were landing.
{I'm quite certain I wasn't supposed to have my camera on at this point in the flight, but I'm going to blame the three Chardonnays.}

Here was our view from the hotel room:
LV---View-from-hotel-room-2 LV---View-from-hotel-room

And here's the view from our friends' room:
LV---Pool-View LV---Mountain-View

We stayed at the Flamingo, so naturally they had a wildlife area with flamingos.

...and I am kicking myself because I did not get one single picture of Seth and I during our entire time there.
{Next time.}

Oh, and if you would like to see my more artistic shots from Vegas, head on over to my photo blog.


  1. Whew! Those clouds are impressive!!! I have done the same thing, not taking photos of hubs and I when we travel... UGH!

  2. Quick kicking yourself! That happens. Y'all were too wrapped up in the moment to stop for pictures. That's awesome!!!! Y'all had a gorgeous view from the hotel and those clouds are so amazing!

  3. You do great photography! Wonderful shots. I've flown into Vegas a couple of times and you really captured the look of it.

    I linked here from Amber's blog. I linked here to let you know I read your comment on her post about heaven/hell and thought it was good.

    I write at Family Fountain if you get a chance to visit.


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