Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Rowan's 1st Day of School


Yesterday was Rowan's first day of school...ever.
She went into her room with minimal nudging. 
Of course, she has the same teacher that Breck had for the past two years, so there's at least some level of familiarity. 
I don't think she cried at all, but when I picked her up she said it was a bad day and she would not be going back.


I'm pretty certain Breck held those same sentiments during his first few days of preschool, so hopefully she'll make friends and be happy to go to school soon!



  1. oh...the faces she's making in the pics are precious! change is hard no matter how old one is! :)

  2. I'm sure once she gets in the groove she'll love it.

  3. She doesn't look so happy!

    Did you notice that boy in the background? It doesn't look like he's doing something that's very, um, errrr, appropriate! That really made me laugh out loud. You could probably send that in to Ellen's funny shots contest!!!!

  4. She does make the best faces!

  5. Ohhhh...poor sweet Rowan! What an absolutely pitiful face she is making. I do hope it gets better for her.

  6. You have a lovely blog..the second pic is sooo sweet! I am a new follower from Her World, following courtesy from Karen Kyle of Hope,Faith & Life . :)

  7. Oh my goodness... Look at the lower lip!

    Hopefully she wil have better days down the road.


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