Friday, August 19, 2011

Our Summer

I've been really bad about updating this blog. may have noticed.

Last week the kids and I went to the Iowa State Fair.
We went two days and were able to make the visiting rounds to all the grandparents and great grandparents.
It was a super fun and super packed trip.
Not surprisingly, both kids slept the entire 3.5 hour drive home!

Here's Breck riding one of the fun toys at Great Grandma and Grandpa's...

This one was a redo of a similar shot from last year that I took for an interview/guest post for my photography stuff.

Here's one shot from the family portrait session I did for my BIL's fam:

Rowan took a more creative approach to this summer.
She painted several times


But played in the laundry basket more.
{please excuse the inadvertent bird}

Seth worked like normal and I have been busy with my Etsy shop as well as my photo blog.
Things are finally starting to take off and it feels great!
I was able to put that college degree of mine {marketing} to good use and implemented a new marketing strategy for my Etsy shop, which has produced better results than I expected. And I've done a handful of interviews and guest posts recently for my photo blog.

This Fall is gearing up to be a good one...Seth and I are going to Vegas soon, Breck will be in school all day M-F and Rowan will go twice a week, I've joined a Building Better Moms group at our church, and I plan to use my new-found free time to keep the house clean {it's all about the thought, right?}, work on my photography and maybe even keep this blog updated.


  1. Love the tractor shot - my son would have loved that when he was little!

    Enjoy your "free" time when the kids are at school!

  2. Well Missy, you certainly don't allow much grass to grow, huh??? You have had a busy summer, and you deserve some quiet time now :-) ENJOY!

  3. "Inadvertant bird" made me laugh. Recently my brother got married and one of our sisters was accidentally doing the same thing in several pictures while dancing because she was snapping. Haha!

  4. Yep, you know it was fun if they sleep that long! Wow!! That basket shot is too adorable. I am so glad your busy summer is coming to a slow down and that you will be getting more free time on your hands for...YOU! Have fun in Vegas!


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