Thursday, August 18, 2011

First Day of Kindergarten

Yesterday was Breck's first day of kindergarten.
He was so excited to go and his first day went spectacularly!


I absolutely love the school he's going to.
He's in a multi-age classroom with students from K-2nd and there are 12 of!
And his class is so diverse! There are kids from all over the globe...different cultures, different races, different languages. It's awesome!

And we can't forget Rowan...
who slept in her backpack the last two nights.


She is so ready to go to school too.
But her class won't start until after Labor Day, so she'll have to sleep with that backpack a little bit longer. 


  1. Oh, how cute! Hopefully the enthusiasm for school lasts all year! :)

  2. Sounds like a great school! And Rowan, too cute!

  3. What a neat school he goes to. And I love that she's sleeping with her backpack. How awesome. :)

  4. 12 kids?? That's it?!? Unbelievable! I am really growing fond of your neighborhood: Casting crowns concert, small schools, great people (you), etc. I hope he has an absolutely wonderful Kindergarten year. As for Rowan, she just cracks me up. Poor little miss feels left out. Love that booksack.

    Ps...what in the world will you do with your time while they are both in school?? Besides pictures? Heehee

  5. Kindergarten... rather bittersweet, right???

    So sweet that Rowan is sleeping with her backpack ♥


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