Thursday, January 14, 2010

Walgreens $100 Challenge: Week 2, Trip 2

Today was almost a repeat of my last shopping trip.
I have a Register Reward that expires soon, and next week's ad doesn't show a good week, so I wanted to be sure I was able to roll my RR into something I'll use and would produce a low out of pocket expense. Plus, yesterday there was a promo code for a free 8x10 Photo Collage! (It was only valid 1/13/10) And I'm using this as a Mother's Day present for my Mom! (yes, she'll probably read this, but I know she'll have forgotten about it by the time Mother's Day rolls around! Love you, Mom!)

Today I started out with a $3RR (from last week's Glade deal), a $2.50RR from this week's ThermaCare deal, and a $2RR from this week's Colgate deal.


I got the following for $.73 + tax.

Colgate Max Toothpaste
Price: $2.99
Mfg Coupon: $0.75/1, (-$0.75)
Store Coupon: none
Final Price: $2.24
RR Earned: $2.00

ThermaCare Heat Wrap, 1 ct.
Price: $2.49
Mfg Coupon: $1.00, (-$1.00)
Store Coupon: none
Final Price: $1.49
RR Earned: $2.50

8x10 Photo Collage
Price: $3.99
Mfg Coupon: none
Store Coupon: free promo code (good only 1/13/10), (-$3.99)
Final Price: $0.00
RR Earned: none

RR Used: $3 from Glade deal

Sub-total before coupons: $9.47
Sub-total after coupons: $0.73
Sales Tax: $0.42
Savings Percentage*: 92%
*(Note: Savings percentages are calculated prior to tax. There is nothing I can do to decrease my tax amount, and that is why it is not factored in.)

RRs in hand: (2) $2.50 & (2) $2.00, for a total of $9.00!


Yearly Totals

Amount Spent (incl. tax): $7.38
Amount Remaining: $92.62
Amount Saved: $54.71

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  1. WOW it looks like you got some great deals!! Seems like you're an old pro at this!

    I noticed you were one of my new followers so I wanted to pop over and say HI!!



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