Monday, January 4, 2010

Walgreens $100 Challenge: Week 1, Trip 2

I was planning on being done for the week after last night's shopping trip, however, this evening I learned of a pretty good (and unadvertised) Register Reward deal on the Glade 2oz soy candles. It was too good not to try, so out I went.

The deal is:
Buy 2 candles (on sale 2/$5 this week) and get a $3RR,
Buy 4 candles and get a $5RR.
(and I think if you buy 3 you will get a $4RR...keep reading if you're curious about this one.)

Notice anything...advantageous...about splitting transactions?
If you buy 4 at once, you get a $5RR, but if you buy 4, split into 2 transactions of 2 candles each, you'll end up with $6 in RR: two $3RR.

And that is why I did 2 transactions!

Plus you can send in your receipts for the SC Johnson rebate: $5 back when you buy any 3 select products (which includes all Glade products!) This MIR is good through 6/30/10.


I got the following for a total of $2.50 + tax.

(the total paid, in and of itself, isn't very good, but what I got back is: $7 in RRs + a $5 MIR, for a net profit of $9.50, minus tax.)

Trans. #1
(2) Glade Fragrance Collection 2oz Soy Candle
Price: $2.50 x 2
Mfg. Coupon: $3/2, (-$3.00)
RRs Used: $1RR from Electrasol deal
Final Price*: $0.50/2 or $0.25 each
RR Earned: $4.00 (should have been $3 - see the note for explanation.)

*Note: Notice the discrepancy in math?! This trans was all jacked up by the time it was over! It took me a while before figuring out what had happened! For some reason, my $1RR didn't want to scan (I assume it's because the $3/2 coupon attached itself to both items, and Walgreen's policy is a 1:1 ration of items and coupons. But the register thought I was trying to use 3 coupons on two items and I needed 1 more item to use the RR. I offered to add something to my order, but the manager said he'd get it to go through!), so what ended up happening was this: I was charged for 2 candles at the sale price of $2.50, then a third at $1.50 (they price mod down $1 for the RR that wasn't scanning), the cashier had already scanned my $3/2 coupon, but when he saw the subtotal, he knew something was off and scanned the coupon again, thinking it had been voided. Well, it hadn't, so I was charged $2.50 more than I should have been, but they ended up taking an extra $3 in coupons off, so my total ended up being $0.50 less than it should have been AND I got a $4RR instead of a $3RR, which is what makes me think that if you buy 3 candles, you'll get $4 in RRs. Clear as mud?! :)

Trans. #2
(2) Glade Fragrance Collection 2oz Soy Candle
Price: $2.50 x 2
Mfg. Coupon: $3/2, (-$3.00)
Final Price: $2.00
RR Earned: $3.00

Sub-total before coupons: $10.00
Sub-total after coupons: $2.50
Sales Tax: $0.92
Savings Percentage: 75%

MIRs to send in: $5 SC Johnson
I'll add this $5 back into my Walgreen's fund once I have it in hand.


Yearly Totals

Amount Spent: $5.56
Amount Remaining: $94.44
Amount Saved: $39.27


  1. Good job on your Wallgreening : ) Delightful. I ADORE the picture in your blog header. How perfectly sweet are those little dancing feet! So fun! Stopping over via SITS congrats on being number 1! How excited are you?

  2. Wow. How do they burn? My spouse needs a new candle for his office because it was dropped.

  3. Love it, will have to see if the Wal-Greens near my home has the also. I am on my last soy candle now. Love them.

  4. Stopping by from SITS!! Cute blog and helpful info!!

  5. Stopping by from SITS. The hubbs works at Walgreens and we are always hitting up the sales. Good info.


  6. You did so well! Stopping by from SITS!

  7. Thanks! That's exactly what I wondered.


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