Monday, December 21, 2009

"The Project" Project

There are millions of super cool crafts I keep finding. And I want to do them. All of them. But, I'm slow at crafting. Really sllloooooooowwww. I read slowly, I crochet and knit slowly, don't even ask me how long it takes to complete one scrapbook page!! So, I've decided to compile all the awesome crafts I find, because this blog is my journal of all things. And I can't lose it. (well, I could, but let's think happy thoughts.) I lose paper lists like you wouldn't believe. And bookmarks don't work for me either. We have two computers and then I can't remember where I saved a particular project link and/or it gets buried and forgotten.

So, I'm making a list...and I'll be checking it twice, and thrice, and so on...and adding to it as I find more awesomely cool things to make. I'll mark off the crafts as I do them. (and I'll add a link to my finished product, because you know there will be a post about it!)

There's a link to The Project Project in "The Basement" a reminder to myself and just in case you'd like to check in from time to time to see what I've found.

Happy crafting!


"The Project" Project Master List
(a work in progress...and in no particular order)

8-Pocket Tote
(by Lion Brand)

Skeleton from milk jugs
(photo from AHC, directions from FamilyFun)

*(no picture) Curtain tie backs for Rowan's room

*(no picture) Valance in brown & white stripes for the office

*(no picture) Dinosaur painting for Breck's room - at his request - we'll see how this one turns out!

*(no picture) Monster plushies

*(no picture) Scrapbooking - I'd like to catch up on at least 1 full year! (I have about 3 years waiting in a box)

*(no picture) Shrunken dress rehab - I have a minimum of 2 dresses that I've shrunken and the fabric is too cute to throw them out, but I have no idea what I'll use them for...ideas are welcome!

*(no picture) Stretch the canvas prints I bought months ago.

...more to come...


Finished Projects!

Three paintings for Rowan's room

Ornament Wreath


  1. Those are so great projects to get you started. I wish you the best of luck.

    Wishing you and your family a Wonderful Christmas. Warm Wishes!

  2. Hey I'm not exactly sure how I got here but I love your blog! It is so cute :) thought I'd say hello and leave a comment :) Happy Tuesday!

  3. I really like the fabric basket. Also, try totally tutorial blogs. It has some really cool crafts.


  4. When you make that snowflake afghan, be sure to think HARD about me!! It is beautiful and I would LOVE one!! :)

  5. I did a turkey Ami last year - those are fun and addicting to make!

  6. Stopping by from SITS. I do that too. I keep all the scrapbook pages in a folder that I pull out of magazines.

  7. You've got some inspiring projects to do!

    Welcome to the SITS community!

  8. I have so many crafts I've found that I want to do. I have a folder saved on my computer stuffed with them haha.

    SITS sent me. :)

  9. holy cow are you ambitious! i <3 the ornament wreath!

  10. All of these look amazing. But most Awesome is the photo of the bare feet. I am in love with it. Really very sweet and beautiful. Hope you have a great holiday. Looks like you have plenty to celebrate. Great blog. I'd love it if you came to my blog some time and flattered if you'd follow too. Happy, Happy, to you and yours. Keri (aka Sam)

  11. wow! all so pretty!!! You go girl! I am so not crafty!

  12. awesome! I hope you are backing your blog up monthly! :)

    Love them all!

  13. Do you have instructions for that ornament wreath? I have a whole bunch of red and silver ornaments I was going to throw out, but this looks such a nice way to use them!

  14. Luschka - here's the web address for the ornament wreath:

    I switched my google editor and well, all links and photos were told to go to their tutorials, but google did what they wanted! I've gone back through and linked everything to their tuts, so hopefully they all work correctly now!


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