Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It's What Came Next...

Remember that Breck was sick a few days ago? Well, 4 days later, Rowan got it. It was shortly after her bed time and my mommy-intuition said I should go check on her in case she was sick, but my logical-thinking brain said she's fine and to just let her cry it out like normal. So, I did. And when I went to get her in the morning, there it was - on the floor, her crib, sheets, pillow, clothing, hair. My poor little baby!!! Never again will I ignore my mommy-intuition! Oh, I felt sooo bad that I had ignored her and she had to go through that all alone, not knowing what was going on and so helpless. So, first thing that morning, she got a bath. Then I gave her some juice, which came back up rather quickly. That afternoon she was feeling much better! But, I was not. Bless Break's heart - the poor kid fended for himself and played quietly while Rowan and I took a nap.

And then when Seth got home, he too was feeling the flu bug creep up on him. He's still running a high temperature this morning. We're all doing much better than yesterday, though. And I've been cleaning and disinfecting when I'm feeling spurts of well-being!

This evening, Seth's getting his brother and his girlfriend from the airport, then tomorrow evening we are having our Lloyd Christmas, Christmas day should be pretty relaxing, then the next day my parents are coming down, and the day after that we're hosting the Taylor Christmas. And then we'll have a 3-day break before hosting a New Year's party! Lots of people and lots of food in the coming week....which means lots of cleaning and probably not so much blogging.

And with that, I will wish you all a Merry Christmas now, as I will be busy enjoying our family!


  1. Have a wonderful holiday, filled with love, family and fun! I'm still waiting on one college kid to get home...she's stuck at an airport in the Midwest right now. Hope to get her here, ahead of the next storm. Have a Happy!

  2. Merry Christms to you and your poor, sicky bunch. Save travels to you! I'm sorry we'll miss your New Year's Eve party...but I have a feeling I'll be up in the wee hours, ringing it in with you in spirit!

  3. Well not only did I happily welcome ya to The SITStahood... YOU WON over at my blog.. stop by and see what you won!

  4. Merry Christmas to you too! Sounds like busy holidays and lots of fun!

  5. Oh how I hope everyone is completely well by Christmas day and can enjoy the family company!!! Hope you have a great holiday and a great start to the new year!!!

    PS...can't wait to see some pics with that new camera in just a few short days!!

  6. hOPE All's well today and that you have a grand holiday. thanks for being my friend and follower. It's my pleasure to know you. HAPPY HOLIDAY. keri


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