Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ornament Wreath

Around Christmas, I saw the original wreath tutorial at Eddie Ross and knew that I simply must have one of my own!
(...but not until all those ornaments went on clearance!)

So, about a week to ten days after Christmas, I headed to the stores in search of some deeply discounted, round ornaments. And I scored the jackpot at Super Target. All Christmas decor was 75% off and they had quite a few tubes of ten coordinating ornaments, originally priced at $5.00, but now clearanced to $1.25! So I bought 5 tubes...equaling 50 ornaments and a total of $6.25!
(the original project recommends about 80, but I was able to get by with 50.)

When I got home, I searched for a wire hanger - and found one.
(I hate the awful things and gave away all of ours last one.)
So, wire hanger in hand, I got to stringing those lovely ornaments.
Be sure to glue those tops on, even if they seem like they won't fall off - they will and it's a pain to get them back on.

Ornaments strung, I then waited for ribbon to be on (a good) sale - and this week at Hobby Lobby it's 50% off! So, I watched a few video tutorials on how to make a ribbon bow, then just did my own thing (because I'm physically incapable of following directions) and it turned out pretty good.
I ended up sewing my little bunch of ribbon together - most tuts I saw said to just tie securely with a twist tie - what they don't tell you is that all the folds in the middle will pop out!!
A handful of attempts later, I had a bow that was good enough!
Oh, and the ribbon I got was wire edged.

Not to be braggy, but I think it turned pretty awesome!


  1. I LOVE IT!!!! I want one too:) This did turn out fantastic. Great job Katie! I knew I should have tried to get out with the kids to look at clearance christmas stuff:(

  2. Amy - garage sale season is coming up before we know...those are great places to get even cheaper ornaments!!

  3. Oh that's fantastic! Funilly enough, I was busy making one, following that same tutorial just yesterday, and have my post ready to go, and just needed to take some photos, but I DROPPED the wreath and broke a load of the baubles! Now I have to start again - and might even have to buy more baubles when I was actually trying to put extra baubles to good use. SO ANNOYING! Yours definitely came out excellent though! Well done!

  4. It IS awesome!! You totally have the right to brag a little. It's beautiful!

    I am SO not crafty, but occasionally I'll see something I'd really like to make. I did that in December and will probably share my craftiness on my blog soon. Although, it will NOT be as impressive as yours!

  5. wow girl that truned out beautiful!!!!

  6. They turned out really nice! I love the colors! Will you do mine for next Christmas?! ;)

  7. Very nice job Katie. I love the colors too.

  8. This is just truly amazing! My mom has always wanted one! I must try to make this for her as a christmas present for next year. It's such a wonderful idea. :)

  9.! Brag away because that is beautiful!

  10. that looks great! I'll have to file that away in the back of my mind for next Christmas. I found some cute ornaments on another blog and did buy everything I need for those after Christmas when everything was like 80% off. Blogs can be soooo educational!!!

  11. So this is just totally beautiful. I LOVE the colors. You can leave it up well past Christmas since it is more winter type colors. Awesome job!!!

  12. I wanted to make one too...but not any extra money to spend even on clearance balls & ribbon. So will wait until next season!


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