Thursday, January 14, 2010

Chicken Wrap {From the Pantry}

Not only is this wrap delicious (and rivals those of McD's and Wendy's!), but it uses ingredients you already have, saves you money, plus it's easy!

What's not to like?!

1 boneless skinless chicken breast (or use your leftover chicken!)

approx 5 Club Crackers, mushed (any other cracker, bread crumbs or nothing would work, too!)
(these were from a baggie I had thrown in the diaper bag and were pretty much all crushed by the time I got them out, so I kept them thinking that one day those crumbs would come in handy! ;) )

a few Tbsp oil
(I used olive because that's what I have)

1 flour tortilla
(if you don't have tortillas, make your own! It's very easy and chances are good that you already have the ingredients on hand!)

Ranch dressing

Shredded cheese


{Alternatives to add: An in-season tomato or a couple strips of cucumber would be really good in this! You could also use different cheese and lettuce varieties, an Italian dressing, etc.}

Heat oil in a small pan, over medium heat.

Trim excess fat from chicken and cut into strips.
(if your chicken breast is thick, you can pound it into submission flatter with a mallet or use your fist to reduce cook time - hey, it's yummy and theraputic!)

Cook chicken until done. Approx 6 minutes on each side.

Now assemble your wrap!
Pour or spread ranch dressing on tortilla.
I just squirted mine on there, but the next time I'll spread a thin layer all over the tortilla.

Add cheese and lettuce
I added the cheese first, so it would stick to the ranch. ;)

Top with chicken strips and roll up!

Now enjoy your awesome wrap while reveling in the knowledge that you just saved some money!


  1. Man, they look delicious! Your wrap really does look better than McD and Wendy's:)

  2. YUM, YUM, YUM!!! I have everything to make this. Gonna try it for lunch tomorrow!!


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