Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goals for 2010

First let me say that, No, this is not a resolution list.
It may look like one, but it's not. I don't do well with resolutions.
Think of it more as a To Do List!
I need goals that have a definite finish line. Those indefinite "exercise more" kinds of goals just don't work for me...mainly because 5 minutes of exercise is more than what I do now. ;)

As I've said before, my blog is my own personal journal of sorts and I share a lot of things here. If you were around last summer, you know about the Get Fit posts. I told the world handful of people who read my blog what I ate, how much I exercised and, more embarrassingly, how much I weighed. I'm planning on doing something similar, but simpler with this 2010 list.

You'll see periodical updates on my progress...I know it's hard to contain the excitement.

My 2010 List
(in no particular order)

1. Fit into my skinny jeans. I don't care too much about the number on the scale, just that I don't need the jaws of life to get into these jeans.

2. Exercise 5 days a week for 30 minutes a day. You don't think I'll magically shrink into those jeans, do you? Yeah, me either. I figure if I stuck to this kind of a routine after Breck was born and thereby lost an additional 10 pounds of my pre-baby weight, surely I can do it again! (I'm currently at my pre-Breck weight.)

3. Make and keep a strict cleaning schedule. Sounds simple enough, but I'm lazy and hate cleaning.

4. Keep track of our spending for 3 months. We got a little off course after we moved, but I'm determined to get us back on track. :)

5. Limit myself to one freak-out per month. An occasional freak-out is bound to happen, but mine are a regular occurrence as of late. B vitamins will be helping with this one...hopefully.

6. Make at least 2 crafts from "The Project" Project each month. 

7. Use all 150 packets of rapid rise yeast. I got about 200 packets for free last spring after coupons, sales and OYNO catalinas. All of the yeast expires at the end of July. Wish me luck!

8. Read through the entire Bible. The whole thing in one year. I got a new and fantastic one - the NLV version - from my Mom and Stepdad for Christmas!

And good luck to you on any not-a-resolution-but-it-really-is-even-though-you-don't-call-it-one goals you may make for the new year!


  1. What great goals! I just want to clean more often and make sure I have daily quiet time. You have taken it to another level.

    Thanks for stopping by. Happy New Year.

  2. Great goals.

    Yeast - how about some of PW cinnamon rolls... oh wait that wouldn't be good for goal #1.. but you could give them away and they freeze wonderfully (and use two packets of yeast).

    Read through the bible - I made part of the way this year. Did it chronologically, I liked that.

    Happy New Year!

  3. Good Luck...I read through the Bible every year...YOU CAN do it!

  4. What a great goal list!!! I plan on reading through my Bible this year too. I used to do it ALL THE TIME, but have slacked now with all these kiddos. Bad time to slack in my opinion!!'s to both of us accomplishing this one!

  5. Best of luck with your list. Have a wonderful New Year!

  6. Yip - I resonate with a lot of these!

    I think I'll join your feed and seehow you get on! Happy New Year!l


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