Monday, October 5, 2009

Breck's First Day of Preschool

This morning came too early, but it was an exciting morning since Breck started preschool today!

We'll have to drastically change our morning routine - which will be good for us - to a much earlier and less lazy start!

I think Breck has already learned that he needs to eat his breakfast before going to school, 'cause right after we got there he told me he was "really hungry!" (he only ate one half piece of his toast) I know they have a snack around 9:30am, so he'll make it.

Once we got to his room, he told us he didn't want to stay and cried when we left, even though at home he was ready to head out the door 30 minutes before we needed to!

While Breck was at school, Rowan and I had some one-on-one time!
She loves her shape sorter and did that for about 15 minutes

but she cheated a few times

Then she drew with chalk for about 1 whole minute and helped me pick up some toys.
And she played with various other toys for a while.

After play time, she took her morning nap and when that was done, it was time to go get Breck!

When I picked up Breck, I talked to his teacher about how he did - he cried for 20 minutes and then played with everyone and had a good time. He really liked singing, playing outside and made a new bff, Kade! However, he did potty in something that was not the potty. (it's what I gather, since his pants were dry and the same ones he went there in!) So he and his teacher had a long serious talk about that and she didn't feel that it needed any further discusion on our part, but wanted to let us know what happened.

When I asked him how he liked his first day he said he did not like it and did not like his teacher. And that he missed Rowan and me and home.
...but he also told us that he didn't sing or make any friends.

We'll see how Wednesday goes!


  1. Oh, the poor little guy! Did he understand where the potty was? I wonder if he knew he shouldn't go in his pants, but wasn't sure enough of himself to ask where to go and just *found* somewhere. Well, he will survive - I'm so sorry he didn't have a better first day. I hope it gets better for him and he starts to enjoy it!:)

  2. Hoping Wednesday goes better for him. That would break my heart!

  3. Poor fella!! Hopefully Wednesday will be a lot more fun for him. I can only imagine where he found to go potty. My boys would have just dropped their pants by a tree. Terrible...I know!!!

    I'm sure you very much enjoyed your one on one with Rowan. She seemed to be having a great time!


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