Sunday, October 4, 2009

Getting Ready for an Exciting Week!

Wednesday through Friday the kids and I went to Seth's grandma's to help with the garage sale.
And I am so glad it's over!
It was the last one I will do, since it's just too stressful trying to help run a garage sale and keep two busy kids entertained and safe outside with lots of traffic at someone else's house.

Plus, the kids really missed Daddy.
They waited for him to show up before going to bed...even though he wasn't coming to grandmas.

Friday night my mom and sister got here!
Saturday morning Seth and I picked up a desk that friends of ours were wanting to get rid of. Then we met one of my girl friends from high school for lunch (along with her husband, sister and brother-in-law) since they were in town for the weekend. (Sara, if you're reading - it was sooo great to see you and I hope you found something better to do than the hair museum!)
In the afternoon, Seth went to a friends to watch the KSU game and play poker, so the rest of us went shopping and watched a lot of movies, ate pizza and I got a couple granny squares crocheted.

Breck snuggled with Grandma Scott

and Rowan taught Aunt Amanda her colors!

This morning we went to church (still haven't agreed on one to stick with yet...), ate lunch,
got a family picture

and then Mom and Amanda headed back to Iowa.

Tomorrow Breck starts preschool! He'll go twice a week for 3 hours each day.
...I'm very excited for him to go so he'll meet some new kids and I'll get some one on one time with Rowan!

Tuesday the kids and I will go to the zoo and they'll start tot school!
Wednesday is preschool,
Thursday is more tot school,
and Friday we'll visit Antarctica!!!


  1. That's why you haven't been posting... you haven't been around!

    Sounds like a busy week ahead!

  2. Busy week last week...busy week this week. WOW!!! I was wondering where you went. Of course, I'm not doing too good keeping up with my blog right now either. It will get better in a few weeks!!

    Great family picture y'all got! Y'all are such a cute family.

  3. The Hair Museum took back seat to the Iowa Game and the sports bar we located on the KS was a great afternoon!


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