Thursday, September 17, 2009

(More) Garage Sale Goodies!

Apparently around here Thursdays and Fridays are the best garage sale shopping days!
(I just find that so weird!)

So, this morning, the kids and I headed out to a sale - and were happily surprised to find that it was part of a neighborhood sale!
Hooray for multiple garage sales in a small area!

Here's what we got at a few of them:

Scrabble game - $1
I'm not going to be playing the game - instead I'll use some of the letters as part of Tot School and some for making tile pendants! And I know I've seen some kind of craft using the board...I'll have to search for that.
...not sure what to do with the tile holders....any ideas?!

4-drawer bin - $2 - will be used for small crafty things,
letter sorter - $1 - will be used for organizing Tot School weekly "lessons",
and 2 baby dolls that move and make baby noises - $2 for both

Large Mohawk area rug (8 x 10?)- $25,
365 Science activities book - $3

Then we headed over to another sale we saw on the way to the first one.
It turned out to be an estate sale - not sure what the story is there - It looked like the "evicted tenants left all their things" situation, but I don't know for sure. Anyway, I found some good containers to use for our crafts and Tot School for ubber cheap plus several partial packs of pull-ups (odd, but they were obviously clean and from a non-smoking home, so why not?)
I got all the following for $6.00


Oh how I wish we had a truck!
Soooo many of these sales have furniture priced ridiculously cheap!!!
...and we're still needing couches for the basement and a table for my craft room, but no way to get them home :( ...


  1. Great finds again! Garage Sales are wrapping up here.

  2. You can always ask the homeowners for help if you don't live too far and it looks like they might have a truck. I know I'd be willing to help move a couch if someone bought it from me...just an idea. Love your posts!

  3. Now that is some good bargains you got!! We're having a HUGE 5 family garage sale in the morning. Like I'm not busy enough right now. My poor blog life has gone south this week!


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