Saturday, September 19, 2009

The KC Pumpkin Patch

This weekend, our communications provider had a free day at the KC Pumpkin Patch and my Dad's side just happened to be here this weekend!

Soooo, here's a look at our free day...
(oh, we all went garage sale-ing prior to this, but that'll be a different post...)

First, Breck ran carefully stepped across hay bails

and Grandma and Aunt Holly fussed over Rowan
(they don't see the kids very often)

then Breck decided that the giant slide made from odd materials looked like fun and made a bee-line right for it

so he and Uncle Ethan went down that several times

and then by himself

and then Holly took Rowan

on our way towards the petting zoo, we stopped at this wooden train they had for the kids to play on

Breck made a friend

and crawled into the tunnel with 3 other kids, where there was room for one to fit comfortably

and here's Rowan not wanting to sit still on the cute little chairs for a photo

we finally made it to the "petting zoo" and this is pretty much what it looked like:

...about 6 goats, 3 lazy sleepy piglets, and 2 donkeys that needed a serious break from the petting zoo circuit.

Finally we headed to this little play area in a barn looking building.
There was a slide that Rowan hung out on

but I think she just liked being on the "stage" by herself most

there was also an area for digging

and for playing in corn.
Rowan wasn't too sure what to think at first,

and Breck dug right in!
(and was later carried out)

It was a pretty fun afternoon and Breck picked out a pumpkin, so we'll be decorating that in the coming week or two!


  1. Looks like so much fun!

  2. What a great, great day!!! We have a pumpkin patch we go to every year, but it is nothing like this. WOW!! And by the way...grandma sure doesn't look like she should be a grandma. She looks so YOUNG!!!


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