Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bath Time Ice Bergs!

The other day I saw a post about making "ice bergs" to put in the tub!
What a cool idea!

So, I made two for the kids and they played with them tonight - Breck loved them and Rowan couldn't care less.

(next time I'll use toys that don't float!)

Breck swished the crab ice berg around and around and around until that little guy broke free.

and then he sing-sung "we did it, we did it, we did it!"


  1. That is actually a cute idea and we may have to try it :) thanks for stopping by..we just happen to drive past this car while we were on vacation :) There is always an opportunity for a picture everywhere a person goes :)

  2. Now, that is a really neat idea!!

  3. Super cool idea!! I will be freezing some up tomorrow! Thanks for this post. And I just love that last picture. I have TONS of bathtime pics of my kiddos!!


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