Thursday, August 6, 2009

Oh, What a Morning!

Yesterday evening, I managed to pull out the cucumbers and some more weeds. And while doing so, I noticed there are strawberries on my plants!!! I bought them 3 years ago - the first year, I was a good and patient strawberry grower and did not touch them. The second year, they only produced in June, so I thought maybe I ordered the wrong kind (not the ever-bearing variety or was sent the wrong kind...oh well, I thought.) But this year, they are putting out another crop! It doesn't look like it'll be a very big one, but some is better than none! I already picked three! :)

I also got our refrigerator cleaned. We barely have any food in there and that is a "good thing"! I'm trying to clean our things/appliances so they're all nice and clean and ready for us when we get to the new house!
(oh, I can hardly wait!!!)


This morning started out normal...

and then the kids went into terror mode.

Breck bit Rowan...again.

They fought constantly until it was her nap time at 10am.

When she woke up, they teamed together and dumped all their snacks from the snack cupboard on the floor...and proceeded to crush them. (oatmeal, goldfish pretzels, and quaker quakes)

Then they moved to Breck's room and crammed all his little Happy Meal beanie baby toys into the ball popper. A pair of pliers and a bendy lighter later, all's well!

Rowan typed some magic keys on the computer and it would only type out words backwards! (or sdrawckab, as it would have looked!) I'm still scratching my head over that! (a quick shut down fixed that problem, thank goodness!)

I did manage to get Breck's comforter and pillow case washed (he doesn't even sleep in his sheets, so I didn't bother with those!), got some dishes done, cleaned a little (but you can't tell), and planned out our trip to Walgreens and Dillons for some great deals/freebies! (I'd forgotten just how long that can take with monsters running about!)

We have back to back showings this evening: one from 4-5pm and one from 5:30-6pm. So, we'll be running all our errands then. And boy do we have a lot! (Walgreens, Dillons, the bank, Target and the park.) Plus, we'll be eating out...maybe Wendy's...I have a coupon.

Tonight, we're headed to Ft. Riley for a Mom's Night In (where children are permitted). It's my last one and am very grateful it was changed from a Mom's Night Out (as it normally is) where children are not allowed, since I have the kids. (and don't want to bother G&G Lloyd again, since they've taken them a lot lately!)


  1. Oh that does not sound like a great day... but sounds like you savoured it anyways!

  2. Oh my...must be the moon. At least that is what my mom always says when all my kiddos act up at once.


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