Thursday, August 6, 2009

It's Only 2 Days, Really.

If you haven't noticed me pointing out how many days we have left 'til we take possession of the new house, then you're probably new to my blog. ;)

As it happens, we really only have 2 days left. Let me explain...Seinfeld style...

Thursday (today) is almost over, so that really doesn't count.

Friday-Sunday, Seth is home, plus it's the weekend and that'll go by quickly, so those days really don't count either.

Monday counts.

Tuesday counts...but it should count as a half day because I'll be so excited and have so much to do that it won't feel like full day.

Then it's Wednesday and we are there!

So, I guess it's really 1.5 days - even better!


  1. LOL FUNny! We will be in our new place 1.5 days after you!

  2. That is a hilarious post! I think my kids count like that!

  3. You crack me up. Great way to look at it though!!

  4. Ha ha ha!! That is how we count things....unless it is something we are NOT excited about!


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