Monday, August 10, 2009

0.5 Days Left!

Wow. Today flew by!
(I should never have counted it as a full day.)

This morning the kids and I went to the park...after I cleaned the house...just in case there were to be a showing while we were gone. We stayed at the park for an hour and a half...much longer than normal.

But, it was lunch time, so we came home.

When we got here, I checked the answering machine and low and behold, there was a showing in a half hour!

So, I got the kids and myself a very quick lunch and we headed out to the farm to check out the furniture in the barn.

Well, I must have been having a blonde-moment kind of day, because we got all the way to the opposite edge of town before I realized we had to get gas and I didn't have my purse with me. Oye. I hate wasting time...believe it or not! So, we turned around, came home, stopped for gas and started (again) for the farm.

At this point, we were running about an hour later than I had planned (or wanted).

In any case, we made it to the farm, I picked out a few pieces that would be perfect for the new house (after a good cleaning and possibly some sanding), the kids played on nearly all the trucks and various utility vehicles in the shed, saw Uncle Josh, played with the dog and then it was time to visit Great Grandma Lloyd!

We left the farm about 15 minutes late, but we made it to Great Grandma's without too terrible a delay.

I don't think we were there even 10 minutes before we were enjoying a yummy ice cream cake! (Breck refused to eat his piece...crazy kid...and instead opted for all the chocolate in Great Grandma's candy dish.) Then a few minutes before I had planned to pack up the kids to head home, Grandma Lloyd (Seth's mom, just so there's no confusion!) showed up!

She had a present in hand for Great Grandma...because it is her birthday today!!!
I had no idea. And feel bad for that! But I suppose it was good timing for us to visit!

We stayed a bit longer so we could visit with Grandma, too!

Then around 5pm, we headed home.

Now we just have to get through tomorrow and then around noon on Wednesday, we'll pack up and leave for KC - we close on the house at 3pm!!!

(Oooo, it's like Christmas!)

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