Friday, July 10, 2009

Update to the Update

(sigh, cry, yell, sigh, repeat.)

Add another chapter to the saga that is house buying.

Allow me to recap/reiterate a few things...
(bare in mind that we started our house hunting on May 17th.)

As I have mentioned before, we are restricted to a very small amount of (and very specific) KC suburbs in which we may live, per Seth's employer.

As you know, we've looked at well over 150 houses now within these specific suburbs. We've tried to go back and see homes we like for a second time before making an offer, and 6 of the 8 times, those homes sold the same day we were scheduled to see them. Six. Times.

The other 2 houses that we were actually able to make offers on just didn't work out. (I won't go into details).

After much frustration, Seth called his boss to see if we could expand our city radius to include limited portions of surrounding suburbs. She eventually got back to him with a yes and an area that was acceptable.

Yesterday I looked in this "new" area and we found the "awesome" house.


This morning, we were getting ready to make an offer on it.


when Seth submitted the address for written approval (?or maybe he just talked to his boss?) this house, which was within our new ok'd area and no more than 1000 FEET from one of the original suburb city limits, was rejected by his boss because we'd be "interfering with another rep's territory."


So, "awesome" house is no longer an option and we just completely wasted several hours looking at homes in the "new" area all for nothing.

...maybe we will end up with the "blue" house after all...


  1. Gee whiz. 1000 feet. Gracious. How silly! Do I sound frustrated with you?!?!?!?! Praying it will all work out!!

  2. Jenn - you certainly make me feel better! :) (or at least make me feel that I'm not completely overreacting!)

  3. Interesting sounding job that makes him so limited. That is horribly frustrating!


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