Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, House Hunting We Go!

...well, went. We found ourselves a buyer's agent (one of Seth's fraternity brothers who started his own business - we really like him and his no-pressure/bs sales approach!) and headed to Overland Park today for a long, exhausting day of house hunting. We saw 12-13 homes in 5 hours. Whew! (not to mention the 4 hour round trip drive!) We ended up with 2 that we liked enough to view a second time. We certainly learned a lot about our preferences! We both thought that we'd find "the" house today, but that didn't happen. Now we need to find a time that we can go for another 5 hours without the kids! (friends of ours - this is your warning that you may be hit up for a few hours of babysitting!)

The odds that we'll be in a home before June 8th (Seth's starting date) are slim to none. But, we'll cross that bridge when we get to it!

We also realized that we have a long way to go and about 100 things to do before we can list our home for sale. Right now, we're just worn out with very little time to rest!

We'll keep you updated when we get the house sell-ready and how our next day of house hunting goes!


  1. I will refrain from implying any guilt related to your failure to inform us of your day spent virtually moments from our home.

    I will, instead, offer us up as a toddler storage option and invite any lloyd who needs a place to stay into our spare room...Seth, if you start before the house does, the basement's yours.

    But I'm expecting serious chocolate.

  2. Good Luck on your house hunting. We will pray for a quick find on "the" one and a quick sell on your home.


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