Thursday, May 21, 2009

Three Today!

Today is Breck's third birthday!

It's hard to believe that he's this old! It was a very busy day, but unfortunate for Breck, we were busy getting the house in order to sell/move....although Grandpa Lloyd was here for a long time! We did, however, go to McDonald's for lunch (a rare treat) and I made him a milkshake when we got home. After all the "grown up" work was done, Seth and Breck washed both cars!

Breck did go most of the day without sitting on the naughty chair...until the evening, because the naughty chair doesn't take birthdays off. Apparently, turning three does not come with an instant increase in good behavior.

Oh well, there's always next year!

This weekend will be more eventful for Breck, since his party is on Saturday!


  1. Happy Birthday, Little Man!!

    It was good to see you guys last weekend. Thanks for coming! I hope we can see you again before you move!!
    R & K

  2. Happy Birthday!


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