Friday, June 12, 2009

Our Day - June 12th, 2009

This morning was pretty typical. We got up, the kids made a bee-line for outside,

ate breakfast
(which wound up on Rowan's arm because Breck used her as a napkin)

then we went back outside

Breck helped me vacuum, I changed about 5 stinky diapers, I finally got a shower, then the kids were still hungry so they had brunch (on top of breakfast), then it was already time for Rowan's first nap.

After everyone had lunch we putzed around for a while

until we left for the new Splash Park Ribbon Cutting Ceremony!
(See that really small kid in the middle, in the red shirt and blue shorts? That's Breck.)

(we don't know the kid Breck's standing next to, but neither of them were too sure about running in with all the crazy big kids)

(oh, and Rowan was there, too!)

Yep, a foot - that's all Breck got wet!

So, since the splash park was less than terrific we headed to the park that's 10 feet away since it had been abandoned for the water.

Then we went home and Seth was there soon after!!

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