Thursday, June 11, 2009

Our Day - June 11th, 2009

For the next few weeks, during the weekdays, I'll be posting about our days so that Seth doesn't feel completely isolated from his family. I can't promise that these will always be eventful, but we'll try!


Another good morning - up around 7:00am. And, Rowan slept through the night!
(this is a rare occurrence....even at almost one year old)

Again, we all ate breakfast together at the table.

Then Breck protected us from the monsters using the garden hose attachment.
(yes, same one from yesterday's fun...I never knew these things had so many uses!)

Then the kids got baths. They normally get them at night, but Breck asked for one and they were both pretty filthy from eating Coco Wheats!

When I was getting Rowan dressed, I thought I'd put her in a "new-to-us" shirt. It was pretty cute

except for one tiny detail
there wasn't enough stretch in the fabric to button the bottom button, so we left it open.

Then Rowan played peek-a-boo

(I know this is a bad picture quality, but she was so stinkin' cute, I had to add it anyway!)

and then it was time for Doggy's nap time.

after breakfast, monsters, doggy's nap and baths we cleaned Daddy's Mommy's car!
(Seth got a company car with his new job, so I get the Lexus, but we still have the Prism (for now), so technically I have two cars! ;) )

Nothing like a little child labor to get the day going in the right direction!

Once the car was clean, we went to Walmart to buy some ice cream.
We were going to stop and get a few books from the library, but I forgot my library card. But that's ok, because Rowan had fallen asleep before we would have made it there anyway.

When we got home we ate some lunch and rocked out to Sugarland!

after lunch we went outside and I cleaned out the other car.
then headed back inside for chocolate ice cream!

and after ice cream, went outside...again.
I was grabbing a few things from inside and when I finally got outside, this is what I saw:

hmm....something's missing...

oh, that's right....a boy!

he was pulling petals off the flowers!
and finally, it was Rowan's second nap time!
Note: Rowan did not go to sleep with the screwdriver.
Breck had been laying down in her room, got up because he had to get something and came back with the toy screwdriver. He laid back down in his make-shift bed on the floor, put the screwdriver on his pillow and whispered "here's some covers, goodnight!" while tucking it in.

Breck watched his Baby Einstein movie (and eventually fell asleep) while Rowan slept, so that gave me some solid downtime to check email and update the blog/write this post, schedule a time to look at houses on Saturday, change out the drip pans for the stovetop only to find out we bought the wrong ones and pack up the master bathroom.

Rowan woke up just in time for dinner, so I made us some mashed potatoes (don't worry Seth, they were the not-very-good ones from the box. I'll make real ones this weekend if you'd like.) and a Kashi frozen entrée I bought today with a free product coupon. (I would not have paid $3.98 for this tiny thing that I could make 10 servings of for less than $4.00!)

We've been working on using utensils,

 but Rowan just isn't into it.

After RoRo and I were done with dinner, I vacuumed the kitchen and bathroom floors.

Breck finally woke up at 7pm.

Here's a shot of each kid after dinner:

RoRo kissing the baby in the reflection...

and Breck being silly:

This evening I discovered one of Breck's "masterpieces"
...on the living room wall!

Looks like I'll be painting tomorrow.

Only 21(ish) hours to we see you, Seth!
Love and miss you!

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