Monday, September 22, 2008

Ping, Ping....Ping, Ping, Ping, Ping

If you are a 'canner', you know that the sound of 'pings' is heaven to your ears! (non-'canners': it means all your hard work has successfully sealed in the jars!) Here's what I've been busy doing for the past two days (with 100% seal rate!):

6 pints Apple Pie Filling
(the recipe I linked to calls for yellow food coloring, which I did not include...I think it's craziness! The apples look pretty on their own!)

9 pints Applesauce

8 pints and 2 jelly jars Apple Peel Jelly

(last time I made this, the jelly boiled over and made the house smell like burning marshmallows. "some people like their house to smell like burning, but I don't" - Mollie Katzen anyone?! ...ok, the inside joke to this is that Mollie Katzen was a cook on PBS when my sister and I were young and we'd watch her show during the summer. One day she made the comment: "Some people like their hands to smell like garlic, but I don't." Which we thought was the weirdest thing for someone to say! Ah, the things that make a lasting impression!)

15 pints Rotel (Seth played a big part in this process!)

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