Saturday, June 14, 2008

May We Introduce....

Rowan Knightley Lloyd

June 13th, 2008

Weight: 7lbs 14oz

Height: 20 inches

Time Born: 7:28pm

How it happened:
Friday morning, around 9:30am, I had a slight gush of water slowly run down my leg. Since it was pretty light, I really didn't think much of it. So, I took my shower and ran some errands. Throughout the morning and afternoon, I continued to "leak" so after consulting my girls from Vicky's Deals, I finally called my doctor's office. And of course, the nurse(s) were all out to lunch or just not there that day. About 1:45pm I still hadn't received a call back, so I called Lindsay...thank goodness she's a nurse and was home! She suggested I just call the hospital, since that's where I'd most likely end up anyway, so I did. I told them what had been going on and they said to come in and they'd check to see if my water had broken.

So, I called Seth to let him know I was going in and I'd call him back to let him know if my water had broken or not. Well, not even 2 minutes later he called back and told me he'd come pick me up...

We finally got to the hospital around 2:45pm and sure enough my water had ruptured! But since my contractions weren't progressing very fast, the doctor advised that I have pitocin. Once I was on my second bag of that, around 4:30pm?, my labor jumped into full gear! I didn't wait too long to get my epidural, thank goodness because about 7:00pm Rowan was coming whether I was ready or not! It was a much different delivery than with Breck, since I was actually able to feel pressure and some pain. But it allowed me to know when to push....which amounted to about 20 minutes! And whalaa...our funny looking baby girl was here! (she keeps getting cuter and cuter!) She didn't get a cone-head, though, as she was not in the birth canal for very long. And Seth even cut the umbilical cord - can you believe it?!

Did I mention that I didn't have my doctor for this delivery, either?! I had Dr. Priddle and he was great! No episiotomy - yay! - only a few stitches from minor tearing and this time I haven't had lots of bleeding afterwards! Overall, this was a smoother delivery than what I had with Breck (albeit, much more pain, but at least I wasn't numb from head to toe like before!) - and it's looking like a MUCH better/quicker recovery, too!

Rowan nursed like a pro an hour after she arrived! And last night she woke up around 2:30am to eat...and eat....and eat....I think I finally cut her off around 4am! And she keeps wanting to eat this morning, too! She's been a very good, happy, calm baby thus far - let's hope this trend continues!

Breck got here (courtesy of Gale and Lorrie) around 8:45pm last night and boy oh boy did he LOVE Rowan! We got a video of him seeing her for the first time and he wanted to touch her head and hold her and stare at her! I think he'll be a pretty good big brother - maybe a little too eager to help at times - but overall I think he'll do very well!

Since I'm feeling so well, I'm planning on going home tonight. I just talked to the doctor and he ok'd that plan! Now I can have Seth and my mom pamper me! :)

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  1. She is adorable! Can't wait to see her in person. Hope things are going well, call if you need anything!


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