Sunday, June 15, 2008

Our First Night (and Day) Home

....was terrible!!! I am the world's biggest idiot for coming home a day early and expecting all to go smoothly! Rowan slept very little from about 10pm to 4am. Seth and I took turns on who got up with her, since she didn't want to nurse at all. Then about 4am, I laid some blankets out on the floor and she and I slept there. She sleeps great when someone's next to her and she slept through until 9am! Did I mention that Breck was a pain last night - his usual. So, he slept in our bed....horizontally!

Today started out pretty rough, but has gotten MUCH better as it's progressed! Breck is asserting himself as older and first in line for attention, but will occasionally mix in hints of brotherly kindness, such as letting Rowan hold his cars. He did get a cookie earlier as a reward for being very gentle with Rowan and he wanted to give it to her! That was pretty sweet of him, although he couldn't understand why she didn't want a cookie! But this evening, he pulled Rowan off of the couch!!!! She's fine, but it certainly scared the crap out of us!

Seth brought all of the baby gear down from the attic, including the bouncy seat and Breck has been having a blast climbing in that - I hope he doesn't break it!

Our garden grew amazingly fast while I was gone - a whole 24 hours - and Seth picked our first zucchini and a handful of green beans! I sautéed them up tonight for dinner and it was pretty darned good! :)

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