Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer - Day 20

How has your summer been going?!

Hopefully you answered "Completely Awesome!!!" or something similar. 

The kids finished up their swimming lessons last week. 
Both of them had fun and made progress, which is all I ask!

Breck learned how to dive. 
Although, I use the term "learned" loosely here...he was shown how to do it and gave it a few tries, but there just wasn't a lot of time to really get it down during class. 

Rowan went down the baby slide all. by. herself. This is HUGE! Last year she wouldn't go down even with someone holding her hand the entire way. 


I have been CRAZY busy with my shop.
In fact, June has been the biggest month I've ever had for sales!
Here are just a handful of things I've been working on...


(this is seriously a fraction of both orders...big wedding parties are very 'in'.)

(as in the customer thought them up!)


I am probably most proud of this one...
I recreated a bride's bouquet using the couple's printed wedding vows.
(It's her surprise anniversary gift from her husband....aaahhhhh!)

I've also made a couple wreaths


Despite my busyness, I am making time for the kids.
Last Monday we made another trip to the library.
This time they had a snake guy there.
With snakes.
*cringe* & *shudder*
He started us out with a small one of those-things-that-must-not-be-named and worked his way up from there.
{I can totally hear Hermione in my ear: "Fear of the name only increases fear of the thing itself." 
Yeah, yeah, yeah, Hermione.}

...and then he busted out this bad boy...

Can you see the sweat beading off my forehead?!
Can you see me trying to touch it as little as possible?!
Can you hear the panic running through me like a 4 million volt electric fence?!!?!?

...maybe this photo will illustrate my feelings about it better...

Like a deer in headlights.

Breck, obviously, thought this was way cool.

The original plan was for him to touch it, so we got in line.
There was no way I was letting my child go by himself to touch
As we waited for his turn, I noticed everyone ahead of us in line was posing with that mammoth 'it-could-kill-you-and-eat-you-at-any-moment' snake. 
What a bunch of idiots.
And then it was Breck's turn.
And he really wanted to hold it and get his picture taken.
But he was too small to hold it by himself.
...because, you know, it could kill him!
So I held it.

Let it never be said that I did not sacrifice for my children.

By the way...Rowan was with us. 
See that green and purple striped thing by my leg?
That's her.

OH OH OH...we did learn something, too.
If you ever find yourself being squeezed to death by one of these things, rub a big handful of alcohol-laden hand sanitizer in its face. 
It makes them sick. 
And not want to eat you anymore.

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  1. Good to hear from you Katie! My but you have been BUSY!! I just love your work... and that bouquet out of vows for the bride from her groom as an anniversary gift... WHEW! Huge... Brought tears to my eyes how sweet a gesture that is.

    The littles are growing so, and it does appear you are having an AWESOME summer so far :-)


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