Monday, June 17, 2013

Summer - Day 10

This summer has been great thus far!

Breck had school all the way up until June 6th....which I am still scratching my head about. His last week was completely noneducational and 100% fun. They had a movie day, a board game day, a pizza party day, and a reading day. 
{So, maybe there was some learning.}

On our first real summer weekend we took the kids to a local blueberry farm to pick loads of berries! It was fun...until the kids got hot and tired. They don't even like blueberries, so I can see how it would feel like 'work' rather than 'fun'. 

On Monday the 10th we went to the library where we checked out some books, signed up for the summer reading program (which came with a free ice cream cone from McDs!) and participated in one of their summer programs...that particular day they had the Houston Zoo come in. They taught the kids about the food chain (which was more in-depth and interesting than I thought they would make it!) and we all got to pet a bearded dragon!

Last week was also the start of swimming lessons.
Both kids had the same teachers from last year and both teachers commented that they can tell a big difference in both kids' abilities. Breck even move up to the next level after just 3 days. 

Rowan turned 5 last week, too!
I can hardly believe our youngest is that old already.

This week I started including some 'school-like' activities. 
The kids had art time where they made robots:

And I made them a custom character card for Guess Who.
It's my attempt at making history fun. It includes notable people from history such as Thomas Edison, Rosa Parks, Queen Elizabeth I, Jesus, and 20 more. I made sure there were an equal number of men and women and tried to represent multiple cultures and countries, but there is still a focus on Americans and Christians since that's what we are. 

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  1. So much fun! I hear blueberries are hard to pick. Love the Guess Who game idea!

    We got a pet bearded dragon a few weeks ago... he is so cute and a great pet!


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