Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Nothing Special, Just This Morning

This post isn't about anything super's just a few shots from our day.

We got some MUCH needed rain! lasted all of 30 minutes...

Rowan ate a salad for breakfast with her apple juice.

And I continued to make book page flowers. 
This morning I mailed off the wedding order I mentioned a few posts ago. Now I'm working on that single red one (it's so close to being done, but the paint store was out of the specific color I need to finish it!), I'm also working on an order of 20 of those blue ones, with two more orders for two different weddings in queue. 

Today was Breck's last official day of school, but he has graduation tomorrow morning so I'll be sure to (eventually) post some photos from that. 

And both kids start swimming lessons on Monday!


  1. So how many hot glue burns do you have? I so love those flowers. I might just order some for my bedroom... hmmm...

    And salad for breakfast, silly Rowan!

  2. Busy, busy girl!!

    Glad you etsy store is keeping you busy!!


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