Saturday, May 26, 2012

Blueberry Picking

This morning we went to a local and cheap blueberry farm! 
...and when I say local, I mean it's less than 10 miles away!
...when I say cheap, I'm talking $2 per POUND for ORGANIC blueberries cheap!

This was our first time going to a pick-your-own farm of any kind.
Both kids did pretty good considering how much walking we had to do and the heat.


We got out there around 10:30am. 
And it was HOT.
It was already in the low-90s.
{heaven help us when July rolls around!}
My legs were sweating from just standing between the rows of bushes.

Breck was a trooper!
He picked and picked and picked.

The farm we went to allows "sampling" while you pick, so we did.
It was really interesting to taste the variances of flavors.
AND Breck actually tried one.
That's big for him.

He didn't care for it, but I don't think he had one of the super yummy ones...those tasted like blueberry syrup!
{taste bud heaven, I tell you!} 
Other blueberries were really tart and others still were somewhere in the middle and kind of tasted like blackberries...he said it was bland, so I'm guessing he got one of those last kinds.

We ended up with just over 7 pounds of blueberries. 
{Breck and Seth picked most of that, since Rowan and I spend a big chunk of our time standing in line for the bathroom.}

Here's our 7+ pound haul...

I'm planning to make muffins, pancakes, and lots and lots of smoothies!

And to add a cherry to our morning, when we came back home we saw a sign for a neighborhood party with a bouncy house, free lunch and a firetruck!
Breck was able to sit in the drivers seat of the firetruck and both kids got hats.

I think later this afternoon we'll go swimming!
...but right now I need a nap...


  1. Blueberry picking is one we have not yet tried, but it sure looks fun, and yummy. Wow - $2 a pound for organinc - that's unheard of around here!

  2. Wow! That's a lot of blueberries!!! I've never been to a blueberry farm before. That would be fun. I'm sure you will make some awesome smoothies with those. Don't forget a good lemon/blueberry pound cake. YUM!!!


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