Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Earlier in the week I was checking emails and doing stuff for my Etsy shop when Rowan came over to me with an empty Easter basket and told me to go hunt eggs.

Bless her heart, she hid eggs for me to find!

We did that for a while, which was a lot of fun.


Soon it was time for lunch and Miss Independent was very adamant about making her own sandwich.
...she actually did an excellent job! Just look at that concentration...


After lunch she was put to work cleaning the windows.


...and was later rewarded with the new "Karate Kid" movie!
(which I loved much more than the original, by the way.) Rowan's saying 'cheese' and Breck is nervously biting his fingers because we were watching the very last tournament scene of the movie. :)



  1. How cute that she had an egg hunt for you!

  2. Watch out Mom,that little girl is growing up FAST!!!

    Love that sandwich makin' face...

  3. First....I LOVE her shirt!!!!!!!!!

    You are a great mom to stop and go find eggs. She will always remember that! And how awesome that she is fixing her own sandwich now. She is too big. She looks real grown in that last picture. Her smile is precious! As for Karate Kid...we watch it at least once a week. It is WAY BETTER than the original. I love the mom in it!!!


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