Saturday, February 4, 2012

Rain Rain Go Away

You know that saying "Everything's bigger in Texas"? 
I must say, there's actually some truth to that. 
...especially when it comes to their rain storms.
Since we've lived here {which is only a month!} there have been three rain storms. 
Only one of them included lightening and, thus, thunder...which I find very odd.
But all three have resulted in some amount of flooding. 
{thankfully we're not in a flood zone}

When it rains it pours.

And not to make fun, {but I'm going to} any time something falls from the sky here, 
people. get. crazy.
...well, mainly their driving...which is beyond scary to begin with...
I can't help but laugh to myself {and others around me} at these silly southerners as I imagine them driving through snow. 
{hahaha! & *sigh*}

...back to the point of this post...

With all this rain, the past week has been very gloomy and wet which makes me want to sleep, drink coffee, plan out my future crafting endeavors {but not actually do them), and peruse the pages of pretty magazines.
 I've decided that I could totally live here...

The kids, on the other hand, have busted out in all kinds of creative ways...

Breck made angry birds:
{he decided against making a giant 'stage' for them and instead has been placing them around the house with reenacted bird bombings.}


And Rowan has taken to helping herself to the nail polish:
{for a 3.5 year old, she really does a darned good job!}



  1. Totally in love with that couch. Love the low arms and the long cushions. Wish I could switch mine out but my Mom just sewed new cushion covers for me.

    Great job on the angry birds and nails. I bet you and her would love Migi Nail Art brushes... my girls love them.

  2. Have a friend in TX, and I must say that weather is CRAZY!

    Gotta love a girl who can paint her nails!!!

  3. I hear you! As I sit here and read blogs we are getting slammed with rain, and while I am not to thrilled about it I know we desperately need the rain or we will be in drought this summer. Super adorable children! Have a great weekend!

  4. Ugh! These storms have been bad. You do have a point though....the driving is horrible down here. We would never manage in snow. Never!

    Breck did a great job on his angry birds. I'm still trying to figure out his shirt though. Hmmm...can't tell what all of that is. Lol

    As for little miss you expect anything less than that with her? She is a little diva. Ha! And...I love the lighting in her picture. It is so natural. Very pretty!


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