Monday, February 6, 2012

Catching Up

Yesterday we went to the "big" {and by big I mean 1/3rd the size of our old church} Methodist church in The Woodlands, except this time we went to where all the cool people go...The Loft. It was very much like a Christian rock concert!! {hooray!} The awesome rock band worship team was the best I've ever heard or seen...seriously.
They could give Sanctus Real a run for their money.

This morning I attended my first mom's group meeting, which is also part of the church.
We were about a half hour late {thank you Rowan the supreme diva}, so there really wasn't any time for me to socialize and get to know the other moms. They had a speaker today who is a sleep medicine doctor. She talked about sleep, our need and our children's need for it, naps, bedtime routines, and how a lack of sleep can lead to behavioral problems, weight issues, etc. It was 100% worth going! Their next meeting is a chocoholics dream! We're all supposed to bring something chocolaty for the "Chocolate Heaven" meeting...these are my kind of girls! :)

Tonight, however, wasn't quite as pleasant as the morning.
Both kids were unruly beyond belief and I could have sworn they were the direct spawn of something underworldly. Lately Breck has been going from calm to freaking out in about 0.5 seconds over small things {...I'm wondering if a lack of sleep isn't playing a part in that.} And Rowan, being the tag-along she sometimes is, joined right in with him.
Thankfully God blessed me with a very calm and helpful husband who took over kid-duty, including baths, getting them to take a try-it bite of tater tot casserole, and bedtime! 
{What a man, what a man, what a mighty good man...yes he is!}

Oh, and we've decided that Breck will start riding the bus!
He will be on it for a grand total of 15 minutes longer than he is when I take him myself. Most the time it beats us home. The other kids on our circle ride the bus, too, so I know he will be fine.


  1. Riding the bus will be a huge help for you.

    Sounds like a good church - can I come to the chocolate meeting???

    Ugh on the fits. I have one child like that...

  2. Glad to hear you are getting to know more folks in your new location.

    Sorry about the kid meltdowns, fortunately they are temporary!

    Lucky you for a fantastic Dad :-)

  3. So for some reason, this post totally cracked me up. Maybe it's because I feel so badly for you with the little tantrum thrower you have right now. I still have one like that. A meltdown from out of nowhere. Ha! I'm going to have to learn more about this sleep stuff. I think y'all are onto something.

    So glad you found a church to visit and seem to like. That will be such a huge help. Sounds like the music is great if nothing else. :)


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