Sunday, December 12, 2010

O Christmas Tree

The kids love our little Christmas tree. 
Thankfully, Grandma Lloyd supplied them with ample kid-friendly ornaments with which to decorate. 
And they rearrange them nearly every day.

(sorry these are all so out of focus - I used my new 50mm lens which I love, but happens to auto focus with every single other Nikon camera....except mine. I think I should avoid manual focusing with my kids. ;) )

Kids with tree 1

Kids with tree 2

Kids with tree 3

Silly Face


  1. Oh yes. the ornaments on our large tree get new homes every single day.

  2. CUTE tree!!! You still got some great shots with that lens. Isn't it so sad that such a lens as that only does manual focus on our end Nikon!??! Aargh!!! You can buy the 50mm 1.8 for our camera but it has to have the AF-S on it in order to focus automatically. MUCH more expensive. :(

  3. You'll get used to the manual focus. I slowly am. The key is that everything in the picture has to be on the same plane to be in focus.


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