Sunday, December 12, 2010

365-339 through 365-346

365-339: Snowglobe
Snowglobe in B&W

365-340: Juice and Bokeh
Juice and Bokeh

365-341: Last of the Tomatoes
Tomatoes on Cutting Board 2

365-342: Last of the Leaves
Last of the Leaves

365-343: Grass
Grass Seed Heads

365-344: Tree
Tree ornament

365-345: Dress Up
Rowan in a hat

365-346: Sleepy Head
Quiet in B&W


  1. Love the sleepy head picture. I just love the age where they can fall asleep anywhere. So sweet!

  2. All are great but I love the first and last the best!

  3. They're all gorgeous!! I don't think I could pick a favorite, or even two. Fantastic captures!!

  4. Katie, Katie, you are tops!!!!! Love them all. I do have to say, that sweet hat and smile is just so adorable!!!!!
    I always learn something when I come here. I love the drinking cups and the tree bokeh.

  5. You are totally getting some awesome bokeh girl! Love it! And little Ms. Rowan....well she is just so beautiful! Awake or asleep she is a beauty. Great shots!

  6. Wow - I really love all of these!


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