Monday, November 1, 2010

365-298 through 365-304

365-298: A Very Tall Tree
Tall Tree

365-299: Rowan and the Dandelion
R with Dandelion

365-300: Beaded Purse
Beaded Purse 1

365-301: Breck
B Up-Close

365-302: Just Like Grandpa's

365-303: Barn Windows
Barn 3

365-304: Go Cats!
Football Tilt-Shift


  1. great angle on the tree.The one of your little girl holding the wishing flower (that is what my kids call them) very cute. Purse shot Awsome.

  2. Oh I love them all, but when I came to the last one all I can say is WOW!!

  3. Love them all!
    Tree- perspective!
    Rowan- love the vintage look
    Purse-details and shine
    Smirky boy!
    Plane-Love the RO3
    Windows-Love the fall reflection
    Cats-Fabulous capture!

  4. You totally rocked that camera this week! I LOVE the tree shot. It is huge!! And your kiddos...well you know how cute I think they are...always!! And that football game...amazing!!

  5. They are all excellent. I really like the barn windows, the reflection and the lines, just out-standing.

  6. I'm with Tracy - they are all amazing! Great job!

  7. Oh my goodness that's a good picture of the wildcats!!

    Have a good weekend...

  8. The football game shot is so cool (no idea who they are but still looks good) the barn windows has lovely light and lines. Cute shots of kids and a gorgeous tree.


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