Monday, October 25, 2010

Getting Ready for Beggar's Night

Beggars Night?

I think they misunderstood that Beggar's Night is also known as Trick or Treating.

We went out this afternoon to try and get some good shots of both kids. 
Keyword being try.

This is one of the out-takes I got!
It still makes me laugh!
We were the only ones there, so I'm not sure what Rowan was trying to do.

Alternative titles include:
"When the economy fails you, send the kids"
"Could you say no to that face?"
"Tough times for the Lloyds"


  1. Haha! All those tag lines are great. And I like how the guy is getting the gal to do all the work!

  2. LOL!!! Love the one "When the economy fails, you send the kids".

  3. Cute...and those alternates are so funny!

  4. So darn cute!

    Thanks for commenting on my "other" blog! ;) I have heard the red food coloring theory before. I'll research anything I can to try to come up with a solution. Thanks for thinking of me!


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