Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Husband Rocks (9/12/10)

Seth is always thinking ahead.
Way more than me.

He reluctantly came with me to do his brother's engagement pictures and proved to be a valuable "helper" - he carried stuff and even thought of things I may need.

Like a ladder.
Which really came in handy!

And he showed his chivalrous side by helping me down off the tractor.

I love you Seth!!!
Thanks for being my knight in shining so many ways!

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Thanks to Katy Lin for starting My Husband Rocks!



  1. Oh! When do we get to see the engagement pictures? ...what a good hubby!

  2. How sweet!! Doesn't it make it all seem so worth it when hubby is behind you each step of the way.

  3. What a great Knight!!! Hehehe...


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