Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Engagement Session: Josh & Tammy

Over the weekend, I had an engagement session with my BIL and soon-to-be-SIL!
They are such a cute couple and you can definitely feel love in the air when these two are together!

They really made my job easy. Josh is creative and chimed in with ideas and Tammy is so photogenic...I don't think there was one bad picture of her! Tammy's daughter was such a good sport and so easy going with the really long session! Thanks, you guys, for being such wonderful family!!

Now for the technical info...
I alternated shooting with my 18-55mm lens and 70-300mm lens (the only two I own!). There were barely any clouds in the sky and very few places with shade, which made it difficult for me to get correct exposures. I kept my ISO at 100, my shutter speed varied wildly from 1/60 to 1/500. And embarrassingly, as I'm now thinking about it, I completely forgot to touch my aperture! So it was a constant 5.6. Plus there were times when I totally forgot to adjust my settings altogether!
...hey, at least I'm learning here!! ;)

Over two days, I took approximately 500 photos. I shot that many because I was trying to get the "natural" look and not have them be so posed, so I constantly kept shooting! In the end there were about 40 solid shots.

The pictures above are a small sampling, but I would appreciate any constructive criticisms you may have!


  1. I think you've done a really nice job. I found that I did a lot more shooting in my first months with my camera and that I'm a little better about nailing it in camera and not needing to shoot as many frames. However, these favorites are incredible and I know they're happy with them.

  2. I can't give any critique because I like them all. I like the mirror one because of it's creativity, along with the sunflower shot. They are all very sharp! I just got a 70-300mm and plan to try it this weekend for portraits. You've got me thinking!!

  3. oh I LOVE the side mirror shot! You can SEE their passion! <3

  4. I love the one of them kissing, with the dog between them. I'd frame that one and put it where I'd see it all the time if it were of me and my love and my dog.

  5. Gosh Katie! You did a fantastic job - I cannot offer technical criticism as I 'ain't one', but I really love the unique shots )mirror image and the dog betwen them is adorable! Ring photo is a nice thought and the sunflowers are great, wished I could see them a little more tho'...

    You are doing a great job! Were they pleased?

  6. Can't help with the technical stuff but the framing in them with the dog and the side mirror both pulled your eye in - but that first with Tammy's dd is lovely too. Such personality :)

  7. I think they are just great. I love the area that you shot them in. That is my problem. I don't know of enough cool places to shoot. I think they will be very pleased with their session. I know I would be.

  8. Katie these are fabulous!!!! I really, really like the mirror one and the hand shot is just awesome! You are becoming quite the photog missy!! Keep up the awesome work!

  9. You did a wonderful job, Katie! I love these. It's just one of those "takes practice" things. Keep up the great work. These are super!!

  10. How did I miss these?? Very creative! I think you did a wonderful job, and I am sure they LOVE them all!


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