Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Bit About RoRo

Our kids rarely allow me to take their photographs. Running, screaming and hiding their faces is a normal reaction to me pointing my camera at them!

But every so often, I can sneak in a shot or two.

I haven't given any sort of update on the kids for a while, so I thought I'd do so now...

Rowan loves peek-a-boo and dress up...

...and of course, chocolate!
(she is the messiest chocolate eater I've ever seen)

good thing she also likes to clean up!

We've been working on recognizing the letters in her name and she's doing pretty well! She consistently recognizes and says the letters "R", "o", and "w" but "a" and "n" are a work in progress.

She's a whiz with the shape ball sorter and knows some of them. We have a body parts book, which is her very favorite! She knows almost all body parts, too.

Rowan is becoming more and more independent every day. And therefore, more stubborn and defiant every day! She is a dare devil and wants to do everything by herself, such as walking down the stairs on her own - sometimes without even the railing. And she's tough as nails, too! She's all too happy to dish back what's been given to her! (ie: Breck and wrestling)

She also loves to color. Give her a stick figure and she'll fill in all the facial features including hair. She colors with a purpose and often draws members of our family.

And she just turned 2 in June, so I'm excited to see what she can do by the end of the year!

...maybe potty training will be of interest to her then!?


  1. I love that shot of her in the sink. Hopefully she won't grow up to be a dish cleaner. LOL

  2. so adorable!! love the first pic

  3. Ahhh, defiance... I guess Narelle is slightly ahead in that department and shows almost mule-like defiance when something ticks her the wrong way!

  4. She is just too cute. That first shot is amazing. Little girls are so sweet.

  5. Love the sun flare you added on the first shot!

    Potty training... hey, my youngest did it herself... it was lovely!

  6. What a smart little cutie pie!! Love that first pic.

  7. Okay..fill me in on your editing on her first picture too!

    She is one smart little girl! Way to go RoRo! And if I recall correctly, she has always loved those stairs. :)

  8. Jenn - oh golly...let's see if I can remember what I did to that first shot! I obviously added the sun flare, Oh! I ran one of those ethereal kinds of actions, and added a vignette.

    And yes, stairs are something she has always loved! :)

  9. Your flower pictures are exceptional, but these of your children are just perfect. Love it :)


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